General Carbide Produces Corrosion-Resistant Tooling
for Wide Range of Stamping Applications

Customer Experiences 350% Productivity Increase
in High-Speed Progressive Stamping of Electronic Contacts

General Carbide (GC) progressive stamping dies can be customized to your specific application, whether you're stamping:

  • Electrical Connectors
  • Motor Laminations
  • Medical Products
  • Coins Computer Components
  • Anything Else Requiring Precision Manufacturing

For a success story, look no further than Intricate Metal Forming Co. (IMF), a Roanoke, VA-based manufacturer of electronic contacts made of square, round and rectangular wire.

By using our GC-813T bi-modal tooling (rated to a hardness of 90.5 to 91.5 HRa), which contains chromium carbide and tantalum carbide, IMF is stamping 0.009-inch Type 1066 cold-rolled steel to produce bandoliers with U-shaped channels that seat pins for trimming and shaping. The company is now able to run up to 65 coils per tool sharpening, compared to 17 with previous tooling.

Today, IMF uses GC tooling in three presses, and tooling changes are required once every four days instead of daily. GC's progressive stamping die components are corrosion-resistant to prevent damage during fabrication, as well as leaching from stamping lubricants.

Our custom-shaped perform blanks and blocks are ideal for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), so you can be sure that GC tooling can operate under the toughest conditions.

To ensure the highest metallurgical quality, all of our products are Sinter-HIPed.

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