The Experience to Serve You Better

Since 1968, we’ve been supplying industry with cemented carbide for the most demanding industrial wear and metal forming applications. Today, we are a vertically integrated manufacturer that offers more than 50 grades of finished tooling and cemented carbide for applications ranging from pure abrasion to high impingement erosive wear to chemical/mechanical corrosive wear. Our tooling is also used in applications that involve high-impact strength.

Our experienced team of application engineers and market managers can recommend Sinter-HIP grade formulations that best fit each customer’s application. With manufacturing capabilities that ensure high quality and reliable delivery, General Carbide is your best source for cemented carbide, high binder cobalt grades and more.

Having been in business for more than 45 years, we still approach every customer’s challenge with unmatched enthusiasm. Let us show you how we can meet your industrial wear requirements and help you enhance productivity.

Ammunition Tooling & Firearms Manufacturing

At General Carbide, we offer a wide range of finished tooling for use in ammunition & firearms production. Such Sinter-HIPed tooling includes:

  • Draw Dies
  • Profile Dies
  • Punches
  • Forged Tooling
  • AP Cores

In addition to our standard grades, we supply premium grades to provide high toughness, excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and anti-galling. They include:

  • GC-0004
  • GC-813CT
  • GC-411CT
  • GC-613CT
  • GC-618CT
  • GC-425CT

As holder of a Type 10 Federal Firearms License, we’re able to serve manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and ammunition components.

Automotive Tooling

The finished and semi-finished tooling we manufacture for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers includes:

  • Assemblies
  • Extrude Inserts (Carbon & Steel)
  • Extrude Punches
  • Form Punches
  • General Metalforming
  • Hammer Inserts
  • Knock Out Pins
  • Pierce Pins
  • Quill Inserts
  • Specialized Fastener Tooling
  • Stamping/Lamination Tooling
  • Trim Die Components

Our tooling is made from proprietary grades of tungsten carbide. It offers superior toughness, along with resistance to:

  • Abrasion
  • Compression
  • Corrosion
  • Deflection
  • Erosion
  • Special Coatings
  • Torsional Stress
  • Wear

We have the expertise to formulate ideal carbide grades for your specific needs and perform these services:

  • Grinding (Steel & Carbide)
  • Turning/Hard Turn
  • Applications Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Troubleshooting

The equipment we use includes:

  • Mazak CNC Lathes
  • Polish Lathes (Hardinge)
  • Grinders (Blanchard, OD/ID, Parker, Surface)
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Comparator (J&L)

By synthesizing our knowledge and experience in metallurgy and engineering, we consistently deliver superior tooling.

Can Tooling

We offer finished tooling made of tungsten carbide for can manufacturing applications. By producing a variety of grades with cobalt or nickel binders, General Carbide is able to help you meet your requirements related to:

  • Bodymaker Punches
  • Cupper Tooling
  • Ironing Rings
  • Rivet Tooling
  • Score Dies
  • Scroll Dies
  • Tab Tooling

We also manufacture can tooling components for customers worldwide who need custom-shaped perform blanks and blocks for Wire EDM.

All of our can tooling products are Sinter-HIPed to ensure optimum metallurgical quality, and our corrosion-resistant grades help to prevent damage to your tooling components during the fabrication process, and leaching from various lubricants.

Carbide Substrates for Drilling

General Carbide sets the standard for producing carbide substrates and back up discs used in drilling heads. From simple designs to the most intricate interfaces, we are capable of meeting your requirements while holding tight tolerances in the preform state. We also do in-house finishing and ultrasonic cleaning of our parts to be delivered to you ready for PCD adhesion and brazing.

General Carbide will meet the tight specifications you require on your grade specs. All parts are delivered in boxes with individual compartments to ensure cleanliness. Material Certifications for each lot of material used can also be supplied upon your request.

Tooling for Synthetic Diamond Manufacturing

General Carbide manufactures semi-finished diamond compaction tooling for the Synthetic Diamond Industry. Our tooling is made to withstand high pressures and give long life cycles to keep down time at a minimum. Grade formulation, specially designed sintering cycles, hard hipping and superior finishing techniques sets General Carbides tooling apart from our competitors.

Before delivering our product, the parts are sent out to be C-Scanned to ensure that the material has no residual voids or flaws that can shorten the life of the tooling.

Fastener Tooling

General Carbide manufactures semi-finished tooling used to manufacture heading dies. Our quality preforms or semi-finished nibs are manufactured to your specifications. We offer carbide grades with cobalt binder content ranging from 3% to 30%, as well as 11 grades of carbide with tantalum added for applications where galling is a significant consideration.

To meet your release schedules, we offer a comprehensive stocking program that allows us to manufacture parts on hold them on the shelf up to three months.

Quick delivery is available on our standard grades of 13%-25% cobalt.

General Metalforming

We manufacture semi-finished tooling used to manufacture extrusion dies. We can make parts with diameters up to 15.75” OD, and as long as 24”. Our capabilities also include pre-forming complex ID forms and providing superior Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) grades to ensure confidence when wire-cutting your parts.

Having developed a wide range of grades, our experienced engineering team is prepared to discuss your particular needs and recommend the best grade for your application.

Oil & Gas Components

At General Carbide, we produce finished tooling for extrusion dies used to manufacture assemblies and components for flow control operations and Measurement While Drilling (MWD) apparatus, including:

  • Cages
  • Chokes
  • Fixed Cutter Bit Substrates
  • Mud Nozzles
  • Plugs
  • Seats
  • Valve Assemblies
  • Valves
  • Wear Sleeves and Stabilizer Rings

The 50+ grades of material we manufacture can satisfy oil/gas wear applications that experience:

  • Erosive wear from drilling mud
  • Abrasice wear from rock formations
  • Chemical/mechanical corrosive wear
  • Impact

Our experienced applications engineering team can help you select the ideal properties for your particular application, including:

  • Grade
  • Grain Size
  • Hardness
  • Binder Type

With shaping capabilities that set the industry standard, we can maintain a stock of preforms for your exclusive use, or we can supply finish-ground components that are ground in-house.

PM Compaction Tooling

As a major supplier of semi-finished tooling to the powder metals industry, our grades are Sinter-HIPed and feature high wear resistance and high fracture toughness. Additionally, our Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) grades are formulated to withstand wire and ram EDM, and are guaranteed not to crack.

Besides supplying standard C9-C14 grades, we offer a premium selection that includes:

  • GC-813CT
  • GC-411CT
  • GC-612CT
  • GC-618T

These grades offer enhanced performance due to their tungsten carbide crystalline structure and contain additives that increase their toughness, corrosion resistance and anti-galling characteristics.

Rooftile Tooling

General Carbide is a global supplier of semi-finished concrete rooftile tooling components. We offer a wide selection of Sinter-HIPed grades for:

  • Rollers
  • Slippers
  • Water Channels
  • Wear Slips

We also provide many grades that are corrosion-resistant and have anti-galling characteristics for longer tooling life.

Besides providing new tooling, we’re able to refurbish your spent components with cost-effective repairs and re-grinds.

Rotary Cutting Dies

At General Carbide, we manufacture semi-finished tungsten carbide tooling for rotary knives and anvils to meet your particular cutting requirements. We can produce tools with diameters up to 330mm (13\") with common edge, or with segmented cutting edge designs.

We also manufacture unground tungsten carbide blanks in a wide variety of shapes for producing feminine hygiene products, diapers, first-aid supplies and other consumer products.

All of our dies are Sinter-HIPed to ensure the highest metallurgical quality and have customized inner diameters and lengths finish-ground to fit your steel shaft.

Rotary Tooling

Our semi-finished rotary tool blanks ship ready for pointing, final fluting and finish grinding to customer specifications.

The products we supply include:

  • Precision preforms with green-machined flutes & utility grinds
  • Straight blanks with stepped diameters ready to be turned from a blank into a finished end mill or drill

Our combination of shaping skills and modern equipment can meet the most demanding specifications. That’s why you’ll find our grades used in a multitude of metal cutting applications that require:

  • Excellent wear life
  • Superior corrosion resistance to grinding fluids

For applications involving composite materials, we offer sub-micron, lower binder grades to prevent extreme abrasion.

Severe Service Tooling

Our wide range of finished tungsten carbide wear parts, components and assemblies offer superior toughness and erosion/corrosion resistance.

General Carbide severe service tooling is ideal for applications in:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper Production

Using engineering know-how based on vast experience, we make sure your wear parts, components and assemblies can withstand corrosion, erosion, abrasion or impact.

Specialty Tooling

We offer tungsten carbide finished tooling for the production of boring bars, wear parts, and specialty components and parts.

Regardless of your particular application, our engineering and manufacturing know-how enables us to develop the ideal solution.

Stamping/Lamination Tooling

As a manufacturer of semi-finished tooling for tungsten carbide progressive die components. EDM blanks and more, we offer a variety of grades for stamping applications. Many of our grades are corrosion-resistant to help prevent damage to your die components during fabrication, as well as leaching from lubricants.

Whether you’re stamping electrical connectors, computer components, motor laminations, medical products, or anything else, we have an ideal grade for your application.

Our punch and die components are used by customers worldwide. We also supply custom-shaped preform blanks and blocks for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). Our EDM blanks feature superior metallurgical integrity and deliver outstanding performanceIn a multitude of applications. All of our blanks are stress-relieved and Sinter-HIPed using proprietary thermal cycles.

The combination of EDM and Sinter-HIP virtually eliminates the risk of cracking, distortion or pre-mature failure during EDM. The resulting benefits are a smoother flow on your production line and an improved record for on-time deliveries.